Don't be afraid to reach us by car: Via Accademia is situated in ZTL zones; even without a permit you can pass through under the camera at the beginning of the street and reach the hotel for the check-in.

Then you will communicate the plate number and the transit time under the camera to us, which will subsequently be sent by us to the Municipal Police for the registration and cancellation of the "expected" arrest report.

The voucher, which costs € 2.60 and for a period of 24 hours from the issue time, will allow both transit under the cameras of the centre and parking in the ZTL areas in the spaces marked by the white lines (which you will find on the street of our hotel, via Accademia, and in the immediately surrounding streets).

Once you have parked your car, you can forget it until the day of your departure; Mantua is a city to experience and appreciate on foot ... and for sportsmen also by bike.

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